Welcome to Progressive Speech Therapy

Progressive Speech Therapy, LLC  is a clinic devoted to helping children who are struggling with speech and language reach their full potentials. We believe that mature speech and language can open the world to children. Impairment in one of these areas may reduce the number of opportunities available to a child. We want to provide your child with the ability to choose his own path.

We work with children of all ages who have varying degrees of delay or disorder. Our professionals specialize in mild articulation delays, severe articulation and phonological disorders, language delays, childhood apraxia of speech (we are CASANA Recognized for Advanced Training and Expertise in Childhood Apraxia of Speech), stuttering/disfluency, feeding issues, and auditory impairments. While we work primarily with children, we also serve adults who are looking to reduce their accents for personal or professional reasons.

A major key to helping your child reach his full potential is...you. We request that parents be heavily involved in the therapy we do at Progressive Speech Therapy. Parents participate in the therapy sessions and carry out the activities at home. They are trained by our professionals to work with their child in every setting. Our program empowers parents to support, encourage, and teach their child to speak correctly.

Your child is unique; therefore each therapy program is tailored to meet the specific needs of your child. Our staff is trained to use a variety of techniques including behavior management systems, visual cues, tactile cues, and sign language.

Contact us today for a free telephone or email consultation. Let the professionals at Progressive Speech Therapy help you design a treatment plan to change your child’s life.