In addition to sharing our expertise in the areas of speech and language therapy, the professionals at Progressive Speech Therapy want to provide you with new research and interesting articles that may impact your family. Please take some time to glance through the articles listed below to determine which ones may be beneficial to you.


General Speech Therapy

  • Praise the Process, Not the Product: This blog post gives great examples of phrases to use when praising children. These types of praise, in contrast to some more common phrases, encourage self-monitoring and therefore, generalization of skills. See my 10/05/2010 blog post regarding self-monitoring.

  • Effects of Music Therapy in the Treatment of Children With Delayed Speech Development - Results of a Pilot¬†Study : Interesting ideas regarding the effectiveness of music therapy.

  • Interaction to Reading is Key to Language Development:¬†How your interaction with your child while reading to them can positively impact her language development.


Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech: Key Factors in Appropriate Therapy Approach: Read this brief article that notes key components to look for in your child's apraxia therapy.

  • Disordered Prosody and Articulation in Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech: This article gives valuable information regarding prosody (melody of speech) problems that are often associated with CAS, the therapy techniques that can cause further prosody issues, and the techniques that can help them. View my 06/22/2010 blog to learn more.