We've all seen it. A child is in therapy regularly, following all of the "rules" to make him successful, but he still seems to be stuck. Or perhaps he is on the verge of a new skill, but he just can't quite grasp it. Your child may even be progressing in therapy, but as a parent, you feel you could be better equipped to help if only there was someone to train you. This is what our intensive programs are all about.

Depending on the situation, we take one, two, or even three weeks to pour into therapy and give students and their parents the extra boost they need. Families come for one to three hours per day broken into manageable chunks of time to maximize success. Part of that time is spent working with the child, and part of it is spent pouring into parent training...teaching you the why, how, and what's next...putting together a plan to continue to push your child in a way that is healthy for him and your family long after the intensive program has ended. These programs are commonly sought out by families who already see us for therapy, families who see another therapist and want a second opinion from a specialist in CAS, or families who live out of town and don't have easy access to a therapist who specializes in CAS.

If this sounds like something from which your family may benefit, please contact us for a free phone consultation at 214.233.0783 or via email at info@progressivespeechtherapy.com.

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